October 20, 2022

Wendy Eldridge Named a 2022 NAPA Top Women Advisor “Captain”

Wendy Eldridge Named a 2022 NAPA Top Women Advisor “Captain”

Cleveland, Ohio – Marcum Wealth announced today that Wendy Eldridge, Managing Director and Partner of Retirement Plan Services, was named a 2022 NAPA Top Women Advisor “Captain”, a list compiled by the National Association of Plan Advisors (NAPA). 

The NAPA Top Women Advisors recognition was created in 2015 to acknowledge the contributions of a growing number of women who are making significant contributions to the retirement industry, as well as bringing excellence to the profession, according to NAPA.

“We are proud to see that NAPA recognizes all that Wendy and her entire team do for retirement services. Our commitment to education and services continues to deepen our relationships with plan sponsors and participants.” ‘Said Todd Healy, Chief Operating Officer of Marcum Wealth.

As the partner of the firm’s retirement plan services practice, Wendy Eldridge is responsible for the management and execution of the practice’s strategic goals, including business development, relationship management and client service initiatives. Known for her passionate and hands-on approach, Wendy’s many years of retirement plan knowledge allow her to deliver customized guidance and advice to plan sponsors and participants alike.

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NAPA “2022 Top Women Advisors”: This rating is as of October 18th, 2022, based upon a survey completed by Wendy Eldridge and other participating advisers. Rankings are generally limited to participating advisers. The preparation of the third-party rating is structured to make it equally easy for a participant to provide favorable and unfavorable responses, and is not designed or prepared to produce any predetermined result. The ratings were tabulated by the National Association of Plan Advisors.