All your life you have worked hard to achieve the things that are important to you and your family.

You have spent countless hours growing your business, developing your career, raising a family or pursuing your own interests. While most people would be envious of what you have accomplished, you occasionally wonder if your investment and financial plans have kept pace with your success.

That’s where we come in. Marcum Wealth Management’s professional advisors will plan as hard for your financial success as you have. Our team of experienced and expert advisors will use their skills and judgment to help you achieve your goals. Our financial plan for you and your family is designed to achieve the results you expect, but haven’t been quite sure how to accomplish.



We look at ourselves as partners in our clients’ futures. When they succeed we succeed. That success is based upon three things: our relationship with our clients, our approach to investing and the way we run our business. Serving our clients with integrity and recognizing that we are fiduciaries.

Our relationship with our clients

In our work with our clients, we base our relationship on these principles:

  • Putting our clients’ interests first
  • Providing objective, timely and honest advice
  • Fostering active client dialogue and relationships
  • Serving as investment coaches and setting strategies as a team
  • Working as partners with clients to make their goals a reality

Our approach to investing

Our investment process is based upon these principles:

  • Investing is a long-term proposition
  • Providing outstanding financial education resources to our clients is our commitment to their informed participation in their future
  • Focusing on factors you can control such as:
    • Minimizing trading costs, taxes and management fees;
    • Allocating investments among stocks, bonds and cash based on a strategic written plan;
    • Utilizing diversified investments to implement the plan
  • Striving for a low portfolio turnover, but
    • Rebalancing asset allocation to adhere to plan;
    • Replacing investments no longer meeting our selection criteria
  • Monitoring asset allocation and taking tactical advantage of asset class or industry sector buying or selling opportunities
  • Coordinating year-end tax planning with investment activity

The way we run our business

Our business success is based upon these principles:

  • Adhering to the highest standards in ethics, education and experience among our professionals and staff
  • Being technically competent and passionate about serving our clients
  • Providing our personnel with the best training and resources available
  • Basing our advice on planning and research, not products and fads
  • Working as a team member with other professionals who support the client such as attorneys, trust officers and insurance agents.



Thomas Filomeno

Thomas Filomeno

Managing Director
Phone: 860.760.0640
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Patricia E. Small

Patricia E. Small

Investment Adviser Representative
Phone: 860.760.0665
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Christopher Nadeau

Richard Marciano

Investment Adviser Representative
Phone: 860.760.0699
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You spend your life making, saving and investing your money. You work hard to earn it. We will work hard to manage it. By adding us to your team of professional advisers, you give your future a helping hand.

We work with today’s complex and ever-changing tax rules on a daily basis. We use that experience and expertise to enhance our clients’ futures. They count on us to help them manage their changing financial needs, take advantage of investment opportunities and minimize their taxes through a variety of services including:

Financial Planning

  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Education Funding
  • Cash Flow Projections
  • Life Insurance Adequacy

Investment Advice

  • Asset Allocation Strategy
  • Portfolio Management
  • Investor Education
  • Evaluate Investments

Income Tax

  • Tax Planning and Projections
  • Tax Preparation
  • Representation Before Tax Authorities
  • Multi-State Planning and Compliance

Executive Services

  • Compensation Strategies
  • Stock Option Planning
  • Family Financial Services
  • Gifting Strategies
  • Retirement Plan Benefits

Charitable Giving

  • Private foundations
  • Donor-advised funds
  • Deferred giving techniques

Estate Planning

  • Plan to Accomplish Personal Goals
  • Liaison with Client’s Other Advisors
  • Estate Tax Minimization and Projections
  • Estate Tax Preparation and Reporting



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